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HOAs should know about windstorm insurance and what it covers

Weather-related disasters seem to have become more common in Texas. While this is often viewed in the context of hurricanes, there are other types of problems that can arise because of the weather, do damage to a person’s home and property. This will leave them wondering how they will make a full recovery.

Hail and windstorms are problematic and can be costly in myriad ways. A way to mitigate the damage is to have windstorm insurance. However, many homeowners’ associations have either let their coverage lapse or were unaware that they did not have this type of coverage in the first place. When there are insurance disputes or confusion, HOAs must be fully cognizant of the law and their rights.

Understanding windstorm coverage

In general, anyone who has homeowners’ insurance in Texas will automatically be covered with wind and hail protection. That does not apply to those in coastal areas. It is imperative for HOAs and individual property owners to scrutinize their documentation to know precisely what kind of coverage they have.

Just as people with coverage for floods, fires and other unforeseen incidents are protected by their policy, they will be shielded if there is a windstorm. When a person’s property is in a coastal area and they do not have windstorm insurance as a separate addition, they could run into trouble when they try to file a claim.

The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association – shortened to TWIA – can provide windstorm coverage to those who do not have it as part of their regular policy. The law does not require people to have windstorm insurance. Those living near the coast might be obligated to have it if they have a mortgage. Living or owning a business in a TWIA service area will determine whether the owner can get coverage in this way.

Insurance claims are growing increasingly complicated with companies seemingly trying to find ways to avoid paying and people who thought they had specific coverages stunned to find out they did not. This can be a major obstacle in getting the repairs or replacement for damaged property due to a weather-related disaster like hail or a windstorm. Having comprehensive assistance that understands the insurance industry is essential for HOAs to be adequately covered and receive payment based on their policy.