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Google Reviews: A POA Lawyer’s Rant and Perspective


For the past forty (40) years, this law firm’s primary objective is, and has been, to provide quality, cost effective service to our clients. Our philosophy has always been that we only represent property owners’ associations. We never represent individual homeowners against their association (unlike other firms that practice in this area), because we believe that would be an inherent conflict of interest.

That is why our low Google rating is so frustrating. As of this writing, we have a 1.9 Google rating. That rating is based upon eighteen (18) reviews that have been left concerning our law firm. Only four (4) of the eighteen (18) reviews have actually been left by clients of this law firm. Of the four (4) reviews from ACTUAL CLIENTS, all of them have given us five stars, the highest rating possible.

The other fourteen (14) reviews were all left by homeowners who were disgruntled defendants in lawsuits filed by us on behalf of our POA clients. All of those reviews have given us one star, the lowest possible rating, which is understandable since they may have lost their case. Despite having notified Google that these reviews were left by Defendants who were NOT our clients and who obviously have a conflict of interest to our law firm, Google has repeatedly refused to remove these reviews.

Paradoxically, those reviews demonstrate our firm’s effectiveness. You wouldn’t expect an adverse party to sing your praises after you have forced them, in a court of law to pay thousands of dollars they did not want to pay. Quite the contrary, which is why law firm Google Reviews left by opposing parties (who are NOT our clients) are simply not applicable.

Our office treats every person that comes through our office professionally and with respect. However, since our area of practice routinely concerns the potential foreclosure of someone’s home, some owners resort to Google Reviews in a last ditch attempt to attack our firm and our attorneys.

It is manifestly unfair that Google allows opposing parties in lawsuits to leave Google Reviews about the law firm that was victorious over them in a court of law. However, that is the internet universe we currently live in.

So the next time you read a Google business review when considering whether to employ a particular business, please look at them objectively to get a better picture of that business’s effectiveness. Are the reviews from ACTUAL CLIENTS or from disgruntled adverse parties who may have lost their case?

For our part, we will continue to vigorously fight for our clients and provide the high quality, cost effective service our firm of 40 years is known for.