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How HOAs can stay connected with homeowners

Running or managing an HOA is a challenging job. You are responsible for making decisions that are in the best interest of homeowners within the development and keeping things running in a smooth and orderly manner. HOAs serve an important purpose. They keep developments attractive and safe and help maintain property values.

Unfortunately, sometimes disputes develop between HOAs and homeowners. This is often the result of a lack of communication. Homeowners may not feel they belong to the community or have a say in the decisions made, but rather feel that they are at the mercy of the rules imposed upon them by the HOA.

Keep in regular contact with homeowners

There are several things that HOAs can do to help homeowners feel part of the community and reduce the chance of disputes or complaints. Open and frequent communication is essential. Today’s technology allows HOAs to communicate with homeowners through many different methods, including social media groups, apps or email lists. Sending information on any upcoming decisions or issues and providing regular updates can go a long way toward making homeowners feel like their input matters.

If an in-person event or meeting is scheduled, send out notice to homeowners well in advance and provide an updated notice a day or two before the event. This can help homeowners feel that their presence at meetings is valuable.

Plan fun events based on community feedback

HOAs often organize events for homeowners to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company. Although many of us lead busy lives, holding these types of events is important, providing homeowners with a chance to get to know others and become closer to other community members.

Taking a poll when planning an event is a good idea. Asking homeowners for their event ideas or suggestions will help you gauge what is important to them. Along with events, forming committees with a specific focus, such as safety, can promote a sense of belonging.

Despite best efforts, sometimes disputes are unavoidable. An attorney with HOA defense experience can provide advice on the best method to resolve the dispute.