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Defending employers against workplace legal claims

There are dozens of ways an employer-employee relationship can go wrong. Although most employers do everything they can to foster a good working relationship with employees, sometimes employers probably think that some type of litigation is inevitable in certain circumstances. When you are facing these challenges and “playing defense,” your company needs to consider all possible options.

These days, there is no shortage of state and federal laws protecting employees. While obviously it is laudable to protect a person’s rights, employers have rights too. Those rights need to be defended when a questionable workplace legal claim is filed. Maybe it’s a wage and hour claim, or perhaps a discrimination claim. Or, maybe it’s a claim of a violation of the Family Medical Leave Act or Americans with Disabilities Act. These areas, among many others, are areas of the law where employers can face difficulties with compliance.

However, employers don’t always have to be on the defensive – they can be proactive to attempt to prevent workplace legal claims to begin with. With the right policies, procedures, manuals and contracts, an employer can create a workplace that is positive and, hopefully, remains litigation-free.

Plot the right course

At our law firm, we understand that tracing a way through employment law can feel like plotting a course through a minefield for employers. We work with our clients to attempt to find the best solutions to their legal needs. For more information, please visit the employment law overview section of our law firm’s website. Take charge to plot the right course for your organization or business.