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Do HOAs have to follow employment laws too?

Homeowners Associations and Property Owners Associations are crucial in managing residential communities in Texas. But, a common question arises: do these associations have to follow employment laws? In today’s post, we explore this topic in detail.

What are HOAs and POAs?

HOAs and POAs are self-governing entities that establish and enforce community rules and standards. Their primary goal is to ensure consistency and fairness among residents. These associations operate under the guidelines provided by the Texas Property Code, which outlines their responsibilities and limitations.

The relationship between Texas employment laws and HOAs/POAs

Texas state law takes precedence over any HOA or POA governing documents. This means that if there is a conflict between state law and an association’s policies, state law will prevail. Consequently, HOAs and POAs are required to comply with Texas (and federal) employment laws.

The Texas Workforce Commission offers a comprehensive guidebook for employers, which includes critical information about state and federal laws, employer contacts and unemployment and tax details. This guidebook is an essential resource for all employers, including HOAs and POAs, to ensure they understand and adhere to employment laws.

Importance of compliance for HOAs and POAs

Adhering to employment laws is more than just a legal requirement. Instead, it is vital for fostering a fair and respectful workplace. Compliance ensures that employees’ rights are protected and helps prevent legal disputes.

Moreover, understanding and staying updated with Texas state laws is crucial for HOAs and POAs. This knowledge helps these associations remain compliant with the Texas Property Code, which ensures their governing documents reflect current laws, and make well-informed decisions.


While HOAs and POAs have their own rules and regulations, they are not exempt from following Texas employment laws. These laws are designed to protect employees’ rights and promote a respectful and fair work environment.

Therefore, it is imperative for HOAs and POAs to be knowledgeable about and comply with these laws. By staying informed and compliant, HOAs and POAs can ensure they create a fair and legally sound environment for their employees and community members.