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Resolving legal issues impacting your POA

Creating an association of single-family developments, condominiums and commercial property is not new in Texas; however, having an association comes with many responsibilities and the need to overcome legal issues. As such, it is important that Property Owners Associations or POAs have an understanding of the appliable state laws and provisions in codes when establishing and maintaining a POA.

Creating a POA

At Daughtry & Farine, P.C., our skilled attorneys know firsthand the benefits a POA can have, which is why we have dedicated much of our practice to aiding POAs from their very creation. Our firm possesses the in-depth knowledge to guide associations to ensure they are properly created and are functioning in accordance to all applicable laws and provisions.

Reaching resolutions

Whether you need assistance in drafting or amending governing documents, need assistance at meetings, require representation in a dispute, have enforcement issues or require legal advice during the creation or operation of an association, a legal professional can help.

One reality often faced by a POA is the need to enforce the restriction set by the association. There are ways to reach an amicable agreement, and our law firm seeks to guide our clients towards a resolution that is not only favorable to the association but a resolution that won’t harm the relationship with the members of the association.

Like a business, a POA is continuously evolving to meet the needs of its members, to remain in compliance and to ensure their property, interests and property value are protected. As such, it is important that a knowledgeable legal team is consulted with when any questions or issues concerning your POA arises.