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Proactive steps to prevent claims of workplace discrimination

Workplace discrimination is a detrimental allegation that can cause problems and losses for Houston-area businesses. When an employee claims that they suffered discrimination or harassment at the hands of their employer, their claim may drag on for months and bring negative attention and focus onto the employer. Not all entities are prepared to handle claims of discrimination from their employees, and those who face them can solicit the counsel of knowledgeable employment law attorneys for guidance.

One way that employers can preemptively address discrimination claims from their employees is by creating a recognized and clear structure for reporting problems within their organizations. Through the development of employment policies and practices, employers may be able to resolve employee complaints before they become legal headaches. This post will briefly discuss addressing discrimination in employment policies, but no part of this post should be relied on as legal advice.

Discrimination policies in employee handbooks and manuals

It is a good policy for employers to create and update employee manuals. An employee manual can be an important resource for an employer for sharing expectations and information with its workers. An employee handbook is the right place for explaining and committing to the employer’s anti-discrimination and no-harassment policies. These policies should conform to state and local laws on discrimination and harassment, and should advise workers of the consequences that they will face if they engage in such behaviors.

Reporting practices for claims of discrimination and harassment

In addition to outlining policies against discrimination and harassment in the workplace, employers can present the steps that workers should take if they believe that they have been made victims of prohibited employment practices. These practices can include where workers can report claims of harassment and what timetables they must follow to ensure that their complaints are timely and capable of being investigated. An employer who makes reporting possible may learn or internal problems early and may address them before they become litigated discrimination cases.

Preparing for problems is a good way to head of legal disputes between employees and employers. Not all conflicts can be avoided, but many can be managed with preparation. Employment law attorneys can help businesses get their employee manuals updated and ready for supporting their internal needs.