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Assertively Defending First Amendment Rights

Daughtry & Farine, P.C.’s media and First Amendment practice provides a full range of services to clients in both traditional media (such as broadcast and print) and new media businesses requiring assistance on First Amendment matters.

Our extensive practice includes both litigation and counseling on a wide variety of media law and First Amendment issues, including:

  • Privacy
  • Freedom of Information Act
  • Texas Public Information Act
  • Challenges to governmental and private regulations of speech
We also advise and defend businesses and journalists in fair use and other free speech cases, including:
  • Commercial speech
  • Internet content
  • E-commerce advertising
  • Newsgathering
  • Defamation
  • Copyright infringement

We regularly advise our business clients on commercial disputes rising from First Amendment issues. We also perform appellate work on these issues of vital importance, with direct involvement in some of the most prominent First Amendment appellate matters in recent years.

Taking A Proactive Approach To Prevent Lawsuits

Our firm’s clients benefit from our attorneys’ decades of combined litigation experience. Using their vast insight, our team is able to find economical and effective solutions for challenging First Amendment issues.

We take a proactive approach when helping print and online news organizations fight subpoenas requesting confidential sources. We review content to help prevent invasion of privacy and defamation lawsuits, which allows our clients to limit legal fees and time spent defending against suits in court.

At our Houston firm, we move swiftly to address issues before complications arise. Our focus on prompt, effective representation allows our clients to resolve matters and move on.

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